Latest product innovations to take the stage at Petfood Forum

Discover new technologies, see future trends and meet the professionals that are shaping the pet food landscape at Petfood Forum. The Pet Food Tech Talk Stage showcases the latest products and capabilities from suppliers and innovators assisting pet food companies worldwide.

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The Pet Food Tech Talk Stage will be in a semi-enclosed area on the Exhibit Hall Floor and will seat approximately 75 people in theater style chair with a podium, projection equipment and microphone for the presenters. Companies will have 10-minute time slots with 5 minutes for Q&A, to present their information to an attending audience.

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to hear about these emerging pet food products and capabilities!

Tuesday, May 3

10 a.m. | Waldner NA | Presenter: Max Davis, customer success manager
>> Description: Can your packaging line keep up with your extruder? — Learn how high-capacity fill and seal systems can provide better ROI for your plant.

10:25 a.m. | Bühler Group | Presenter: Michael Cheng, global business development manager, pet and aqua
>> Description: The benefits of precision in extrusion — Pet food extrusion has seen its share of innovation over the past 10 years, but perhaps none more exciting than the past two years. This presentation will cover advancements in single screw extrusion technology that focus on improving margins and protecting the brand value of pet food processors.

10:45 a.m. | Zinpro | Presenter: Brent Kirn, MS., Zinpro pet specialist
>> Description: Nutrition You Can See™: Mobility in senior dogs — Revealing the findings from a senior dog study on supplementing Zinpro trace mineral complexes on the improved mobility of senior dogs. Zinpro Propath minerals improved paw pad thickness and integrity resulting in improved mobility and more active senior dogs.

11:05 a.m. | FOSS | Presenter: Mary Landis, industry sales manager, feed & grain
>> Description: Keeping pace with changing trends in pet food using analytical technology — Using a modern NIR solution to ensure quality in human grade, raw, and freeze dried pet food as well the quality of alternative proteins and other ingredients. Leveraging digital solutions for audits, traceability and making on-the-fly changes to production.

11:25 a.m. | Tietjen | Presenter: Tim Tripp, sales engineer
>> Description: Optimal raw material preparation for premium pet food

11:40 a.m. | GEA | Presenter: Klaus-Rudolf Raths, head of strategy and business development, food & healthcare technologies
>> Description: The influence of the extrusion process on digestibility and palatability — Process parameters used during the dry pet food extrusion process directly impact both digestibility and palatability. This presentation reviews how manufacturers can secure a very high degree of gelatinization and digestibility, resulting in a more nutritious product. Moreover, we will cover extrusion parameters that achieve a preferred density and texture – strongly influencing palatability. Content of this presentation has been confirmed by laboratory tests that utilized panels of more than 30 dogs or cats over multiple days. Both consumption rate and first choice were measured.

Wednesday, May 4

10:45 a.m. | ProMach | Presenter: Troy Snader, senior vice president of business development
>> Description: Compostable/recyclable materials and machinery compatibility — Choices and options — Whether raw materials or end product, every pet food company today wants to be associated with “green” initiatives, especially with packaging materials and claims like recyclable, compostable, dissolvable. There are still more questions than answers, and approaching the challenges means being aware of the most recent developments in materials and machinery, both retrofits and new machinery. That means retooling, speed sacrifices and machine efficiencies. This discussion will walk you through a few of those so you can be armed for sales, marketing and operations, and the implications of going green from a materials and machinery perspective. The presentation focuses on compostable materials, primarily PE and PET, and sealing methods for handling the materials. This includes details on film path and pulling, stretching and registration considerations, and sealing and cooling methods for presentable packages. Consideration is given for gas flushing and hermiticity.

11:05 a.m. | Bodycote | Presenter: Scott Roberts, market development manager
>> Description: How to reduce down time and stoppages on your stainless steel equipment — An introduction to the surface hardening of stainless steel in order to reduce galling, wearing, cavitation and increase fatigue resistance.

11:25 a.m. | Symrise Pet Food | Presenter: Cecile Saint-Paul, marketing, research and development director, NAM
>> Description: Why palatability is strategic? — Discover the importance of palatants and why they are strategic for pet food manufacturers to ensure food consumption, repurchase and reinforce the bond between pets and their owners.