Latest product innovations to take the stage at Petfood Forum

Discover new technologies, see future trends and meet the professionals that are shaping the pet food industry at Petfood Forum. NEW to the 2019 exhibition floor, the Pet Food Tech Talk Stage showcases the latest products and capabilities from suppliers and innovators assisting pet food companies worldwide.

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to hear about these emerging pet food products and capabilities!

The current schedule includes:

Tuesday, April 30

10:25 am – 10:40 am | DDW Color | Presenter: Katie Rountree, CFS
>> Description: Consumers want the best for their pets, so switching your pet foods from synthetic colors to natural colors that have simple, approachable labels is no longer optional. Find out how to select and work with the best natural colors for your extruded kibbles and treats, fat-based coatings, and gravies. Want to better understand the current and future market trends of colors in pet foods and efficiently and successfully take an attractive, naturally-colored product from lab bench to the labradoodle? Then you won’t want to miss this talk.

10:45 am – 11:00 am | AFB International | Presenter: Michelle Sandau, Director of Research & Development
>> Description: Natural palatants: An emerging pet food trend – Palatants can be meat or vegetable based, and may be designed to meet a variety of claims such as grain-free, limited ingredient, non-GMO or natural.  For companies wanting to meet a natural label claim, that often means even the preservative used in that palatant must be natural.  Learn how AFB’s palatants with natural preservatives can slow down or prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms, and help with product stability and shelf life while maintaining desired product claims.

11:05 am – 11:20 am | PTI | Presenter: Julian Stauffer
>> Description: Overcoming unique operational challenges with retort packaging for pet foodFor over a century, the can has been the most common package format for cooked and preserved pet food products. Easy to stack, years of shelf life, and a package recognized by all. The can will not disappear, but the marketplace is shifting and a balance between the different package formats is important for any brand to reach their different potential consumers. In North America, Europe and other global markets, the appreciation for retort pet food products in cups, trays and pouches is growing. For manufacturers contemplating shifting some production from can to cup or pouch, there are unique operational challenges and a learning curve that may dissuade most. However, technology has evolved and today there are solutions for improved quality and package presentation.

The Pet Food Tech Talk Stage will be in a semi-enclosed area on the Exhibit Hall Floor and will seat approximately 50 people in theatre style chair with a podium, projection equipment and microphone for the presenters. Companies will have 10-minute time slots with 5 minutes for Q&A, to present their information to an attending audience.

Interested in showcasing your product or capability at Petfood Forum? Email Karen Blanford-Anderson at Space is limited on the Pet Food Tech Talk Stage.