Pet treats on the rise: What’s new, what’s next

Petfood Essentials is an interactive, informal educational pre-conference seminar, held the day prior to the opening of Petfood Forum.

Pet food industry professionals will took a deep dive into the pet treat market at Petfood Essentials on April 29, the day before Petfood Forum 2024.

Pet treats continue to rank among the fastest-growing categories of the pet food market — and pet supplements, though they’re regulated and often produced differently, also keep rising and overlapping more and more with treats as developers see beneficial synergies in product formats and marketing. Where can these categories go in terms of market growth and product innovation and benefits?

Find out during Petfood Essentials, as experts delve into the pet treat market and trends, plus the latest research on functional nutrition, production, safety and more. Throughout the day, you can also meet and network with industry peers as you engage in an interactive group exercise, culminating in a fun competition.

2024 session topics at a glance:

  • Welcome and opening session: Unlocking profit potential through pet snacking foresights — Suzy Badaracco, president, Culinary Tides
  • Commercialization challenge: How to get a pet treat concept to market — Aaron Merrell, CEO and co-founder, Plato Pet Treats
  • Pet treats and supplements: Key differences, opportunities for synergy — Bill Bookout, president, National Animal Supplement Council
  • Latest research on functional ingredients, benefits in pet treats — Angelique Myburgh, nutrition and development specialist, Montego Pet Nutrition
  • Ins and outs of pet treat safety — Maria Cattai de Godoy, Ph.D., associate professor, University of Illinois

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