Petfood Essentials

A deep dive into ingredients, product positioning and supply chain

Petfood Essentials will take place the day prior to the commencement of Petfood Forum on September 22.

This unique program provides an overview of the initial stages of pet food product development, including the first essential product positioning decisions you need to make, ingredients to consider and how to source and process them safely and with success.

Petfood Essentials will also outline some of the most important milestones of modern pet food product development: the key early decisions in creating a product to succeed on the market. Sessions will cover product positioning, format and packaging; the major ingredient categories to consider; sourcing, sub-assembly and upstream processing of ingredients; their effect on pet food production and vice versa: and safety, traceability and testing of ingredients.

Each session will provide an interactive, informal environment for learning what you need to know about pet food ingredients and product positioning. Plus, you can network with other pet food professionals and interact with leading industry suppliers offering products and services in each of the topic areas.

Petfood Essentials registration is now open.

Sessions at a glance:

  1. Product positioning and delivery. This includes marketing claims and labeling, as well as food format and container/packaging. All the decisions you need to make before choosing ingredients.
  2. The major ingredient categories: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Overview of key nutrients, functions and challenges/considerations for each category or type of ingredient.
  3. Sourcing, sub-assembly and upstream processing. Everything that needs to happen with ingredients before being incorporated into the formulation and overall pet food production process. Includes steps such as pre-blending of vitamins/minerals, production of meat slurries, milling, grinding, etc.
  4. Ingredients’ effects on pet food processing, and vice versa. Which types of ingredients most impact pet food production, and which may be altered by the production process? What you need to consider as part of your ingredient selection and formulation development.
  5. Safety of ingredients: traceability and testing. Best practices, key factors and tips for guarding against pathogens like Salmonella, plus mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides and nutrient imbalances.

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