Petfood Forum 2024 call for papers is now open

Call for papers 2024 is now closed

Petfood Forum 2024 is seeking abstracts for noncommercial oral presentations and research posters. The deadline to submit has now past.

The conference is scheduled for April 29-May 1 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. Please do not submit an abstract, especially for an oral presentation, if you are not sure you will be able to attend Petfood Forum in Kansas City during those dates.

What to submit

Potential speakers are invited to submit noncommercial abstracts on topics including:

  • New research on companion animal nutrition;
  • Novel ingredients and their potential applications in pet food or treat formulations;
  • Data, trends and predictions for the pet food market, either global or focusing on a specific market, including opportunities for innovation;
  • The supply chain outlook, plus demand modeling;
  • Labor shortages and issues;
  • Focus on pet food types and categories, including newer formats and technologies;
  • New pet retailing information pertinent to the selling or distribution of pet food, including via e-commerce, direct-to-consumer and subscription;
  • New information or ideas for marketing pet food, including via social media;
  • New information, techniques or processes for product development in pet food;
  • Update on regulatory information relevant to pet food in the U.S. or other specific markets;
  • New research, technology or processes for pet food production;
  • New research, technology or other information on pet food packaging;
  • New, specific information on one focused aspect of pet food safety (no general overviews of regulations or pet food safety programs).

An advisory board of pet food industry experts will evaluate all submissions.

How to submit

Submission guidelines

  • Abstracts must be written in English.
  • The abstract should sufficiently explain the topic, especially how it is unique or based on new information. The potential speaker’s expertise in or knowledge of the topic should also be clear.
  • The following elements must be part of the abstract:
    • Abstract title, and name, title and organization of corresponding author/potential speaker (if different or in addition to the information given in your account);
    • Information presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusions and take-home points, plus how the topic is unique or based on new information;
    • The learning objectives/take-home points of the presentation.

The submission form also includes a required field for a 50-100 word biography of the potential presenter. For oral presentations, public speaking experience must be included. It is also helpful to include information on the speaker’s knowledge of or experience with the topic within the abstract.

Abstracts must be received no later than November 3. After this deadline, the abstract submission system will no longer accept submissions. Any requests for late submissions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

After review of submissions

All submissions will be reviewed within about six weeks after the November 3 deadline; you will receive an email about whether your submission has been accepted.

If your abstract is chosen for an oral presentation, you will receive a PowerPoint template to use to create your presentation, including a set range of number of slides and amount of information or bullet points to include on each slide. Please use and follow this template.

Authors will be required to sign a copyright release to permit publication of the abstract and the use or re-use of other materials. For oral presentations, you will also be required to provide a photo (head shot) by a specified date, as well as other files.

Failure to provide required files and information by the specified deadlines could result in your being replaced as a speaker or poster presenter for Petfood Forum 2024.