Petfood R&D Showcase featured “Leveraging Science into Product Innovation” theme

Petfood R&D Showcase was held on October 15-17, 2019 at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. The 2019 edition, featured a new and exclusive theme, “Leveraging Science into Product Innovation.”  This interactive workshop provided pet food professionals a glimpse into the future and to explore creative new approaches to transfer this to the next generation of products, solutions to existing challenges, and opportunities to remain at the cutting edge in the discipline.

Petfood R&D Showcase included exclusive networking opportunities with leading suppliers, researchers and pet food industry professionals, plus scientific presentations and interactive demonstrations focused on taking scientific knowledge and blending it into product application.

Why is this important now?

As is true for all industries, science and technology has been key to a host of new pet food products over the past several decades. Learning about new discoveries, how they can be integrated into products, and the necessary application validation and promotion are key to new product successes. These topics were the highlight of the Petfood R&D Showcase 2019.

This year’s Petfood R&D Showcase provided attendees with interactive, engaging, and in some applications hands-on demonstrations exploring new ideas and how they behave in actual product applications.

In addition to the interactive demonstrations, Petfood R&D Showcase featured the latest cutting-edge research that has a direct connection to ideas which pet food producers and suppliers can incorporate into their product offerings.

Incredible Value! Participants received:
• Product samples from sponsored activities
• Technical reports from research presented
• Market updates and business best practices
• Contact and specifications from suppliers
• Certificate of completion and continuing education credit (for applicable groups)
• News and leading technology
• Ideas and tools to implement into future products
• Access to student talent

The event is brought to you by a joint academic-industry partnership between WATT Global Media (Petfood Industry Magazine and Petfood Forum) and the Pet Food Program at Kansas State University.