Will Henry


Director of technology and research


Extru-Tech Inc.

Presentation Description:

Efficacy of specialty animal proteins for grain-free and limited ingredient diets – William Henry, a researcher at Extru-Tech Inc., discusses a specific study executed to determine the efficacy of replacing typical binders with specialty animal-based proteins. The presentation will walk the attendees through the entire study, beginning with the development of the study protocol (formulation design, decision tree, risk assessment, equipment profile, process profile), through protocol execution and ending with a review of the resultant product analysis and diet performance (final product specifications, kibble integrity analysis, palatability).


Henry holds associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in engineering. He has been an integral part of the pet food extrusion industry for more than 20 years. For the past 12 years, his focus has been in the area of research, both in the refinement of the single screw extruder production architecture and the development/investigation of new product development for the pet food market.