Stephanie Ugalde


Regulatory Compliance Manager


Mérieux NutriSciences

Presentation Description:

Navigating state-to-state pet food licensing and regulations — Ugalde provide insights for navigating licensing and registrations for pet foods in the U.S. While AAFCO provides a great online resource tool regarding licensing and registration fees for U.S. pet food, it is still a struggle to navigate each state’s website; Ugalde elaborates on those requirements, fees and important time-frames and dates, plus potential developments and/or updates currently under way.


Stephanie Ugalde is a regulatory compliance manager at Merieux Nutrisciences. She has participated in various presentations, lectures and webinarson an assortment of subject matter throughout her career. Ugalde is currently the leading expert in pet food regulations at her company, with one of the specific topics being pet food licensing and registration in the U.S., and working with various high-profile clients.