Kadri Koppel, PhD


Associate professor


Kansas State University’s Department of Human Nutrition

Opening session: Role of sensory analysis in the pet food-pet owner-pet triangle – Kadri Koppel, PhD, assistant professor in Kansas State University’s Department of Human Nutrition. How can you understand which pet foods are liked and why? Will this new treat be liked by the pets and owners? How does my product compare to others in the category? These and many other questions can be decoded by a variety of sensory methods. This presentation will give a quick overview of a selection of methods including descriptive, discrimination, palatability testing, consumer studies and instrumental flavor research, using examples from recent studies with companion animals and pet owners.

Koppel joined KSU in 2012 after previously working in industry in her native Estonia as a microbiologist, laboratory manager, quality control manager and sensory analysis projects manager. At KSU, she teaches sensory analysis classes, including a unique class called Pet Food Sensory Analysis. Her research focuses include pet food palatability involving both analytical and consumer studies. Koppel earned a bachelor of science, master of science and doctorate in chemistry and materials technology from Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia.