Tim Lombardo


Senior Director, Food Consulting Services


EAS Consulting Group/Certified Group

Presentation Description:

Pet food FSMA compliance: Glance to the past, look to the future — Lombardo summarizes trends in regulatory non-compliance, using the information to identify gaps in regulatory compliance and implement effective measures to address these gaps, determine emerging and potentially unforeseen hazards in pet food ingredients and share industry best practices designed to ensure safe food for our fur-families.


Tim Lombardo, senior director for food consulting services for EAS Consulting Group is an expert in food safety and microbiology with over 30 years of experience leading these programs in manufacturing facilities. His direct experience includes dairy, infant formula ingredients, baked goods, nuts and nut products, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, spices, color flavors and other ingredients. Lombardo is a lead instructor through the Food Safety and Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) in Preventive Controls for both Human and Animal Foods, lead instructor for the HACCP Controls Alliance and is certified in thermal/aseptic processing and sterilization through the Better Process Control School. He is also an international speaker and long-time member of many food associations.