Suzy Badarraco




Culinary Tides Inc.

Petfood Essentials presentation description:

Unlocking profit potential through pet snacking foresights – Badarraco provides an in-depth understanding of the forces driving pet snacking trends, equipping audience members to navigate them skillfully. She helps pet food professionals cross-analyze trend data to craft actionable intelligence, enabling informed decision-making, and develop an enhanced ability to anticipate opportunities and map pathways to ensuring the triumph of their pet snack products.


Suzy Badaracco is president of Culinary Tides Inc. and holds a bachelor’s degree in criminalistics, an associate’s degree in culinary arts and a master’s degree in human nutrition. She has been trained in military intelligence, chaos theory and predictive analysis techniques, and has been practicing trends intelligence and predictive forecasting for more than 18 years. Using these techniques, Badaracco has been able to successfully predict and profile government, technology, adversary and ally, food, flavor, consumer, industry and health trends. Culinary Tides helps food industry partners navigate trends by revealing relevant patterns so they can create products that connect with customers, specializing in foretelling a trend’s birth and forecasting its origin, trajectory and longevity. The forecast results are used to create entrance, navigation and exit strategies.