Scott Lewis


Manager of Operations


Pet Food Solutions

Presentation description:

Bringing a new product to market: Lessons learned — Scott Lewis, manager of operations, joins his Pet Food Solutions colleagues to present a case study on how they developed and launched a new pet food ingredient into the market, including the challenges they faced and lessons they learned in areas including marketing, R&D and business strategy. Other presenters include James Peterson, Ph.D., technical consultant; Craig Grantham, director of business development; and Jodi McCarthy, president.


Scott Lewis serves as manager of operations for Pet Food Solutions. Lewis started his career at DSM Engineering Plastics in 1992 working in research and development, and throughout his career has held various positions including process/plant engineer, quality manager and plant manager within the manufacturing fields of plastics, home appliances, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. In 2012, he joined Sustainable Sourcing as the plant manager where he continues to increase his knowledge of the fats and oil business. He has a bachelor’s degree in management from the University of Southern Indiana, and an MBA from Murry State University.