Rikke Miklos, Ph.D.


Global Senior Customer Application Specialist


Source Technology

Presentation Description:

Creating and processing new wet pet food products using alternative proteins — Miklos explains how alternative proteins, such as insects and fermented products, differ in functionality and why that means they are likely to pose processing challenges and affect product texture. However, with the right combination of alternative proteins and processing technology, it is possible to develop high-quality premium wet pet food products with a meaty texture.


As global senior application specialist at Source Technology, a part of the Wenger Group (acquired by Marel in 2022), Rikke Miklos, Ph.D., is responsible for application development of the Powerheater technology and customer-related development projects. She holds a master’s degree in food science and technology and a doctorate in meat processing from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. During the last seven years, Miklos has worked with various aspects of food and feed extrusion, covering tasks such as process and product development, R&D management, consultancy, sales and customer support, dissemination, training and application specialist.