Pete Ensch




WEM Automation

Presentation description:

Industry 4.0: Improve the operational performance of your pet food facility by using big data to make fact-based decisions — Ensch outlines a step-by-step process on how a pet food facility can improve their operational performance and make fact-based decisions by using big data. This session invites the audience to reimagine their pet food plant as an interconnected smart factory by gathering data from the plant floor, throughout the manufacturing process, all the way to their ERP system to drive operational excellence. To accomplish this, all users, from plant operators to management can efficiently analyze and interpret data to improve process controls by connecting the various machines and equipment. Unifying the various system in your plant will improve your throughput and quality as well as enable complete traceability.


Ensch is the chief executive officer for WEM Automation, a control system and automation solutions provider for the pet food industry. Ensch is a graduate of Purdue University, and during his career, he has developed and introduced dozens of new products. Additionally, he has had direct involvement with 90 granted patents, 10 of which he is a named inventor. During Ensch’s tenure, he has assisted the team to provide customers with a solution to their traceability and warehouse management needs. Ensch’s passion for pets can be traced back to his pre-professional days. Growing up there was always a dog around. Ensch currently cares for two Labrador Retrievers named Xena and Jet. He has become accustomed to the pet owner’s way of life and shares this passion for the industry.