Osvaldo Granillo

Osvaldo Granillo


Sales director


Redzone Software

Roundtable discussion:

Pet food workforce issues: How to attract and retain employees

Presentation description:

Attracting and retaining pet food frontline employees, increasing productivity during the Age of Resignation —Osvaldo Granillo, sales director for Redzone Software, shares how pet food manufacturers can attract, retain and engage frontline workers and increase productivity on the shop floor during times of worker shortages, the “silver tsunami” and the age of the great resignation. Understand how companies like Purina and WellPet are seeing increases in productivity during the worker shortage crisis and how they are upskilling and training new employees to outperform while feeling purpose-driven.


Granillo has spent the past five years in the manufacturing sector, specifically in the software and controls/automation space. He has met with hundreds of manufacturers in the food and beverage space across North America and LATAM regions, where he has gained insights into engaging workers and empowering frontlines. Granillo studied at the University of Central Missouri, where he earned a degree in computer information systems.