Mark Franklin, Ph.D.


Global Additives Technical Lead Pet & Lifestyle



Presentation Description:

Species-specific evaluation: Using postbiotic models to highlight cat versus dog responses — Franklin and Holly Ganz, Ph.D., chief science officer and co-founder, AnimalBiome, demonstrate the need for species-specific understanding between cats and dogs using postbiotic application responses on gut health, immune outcomes, palatability and atopic dermatitis-associated symptoms. Inferences from other species, particularly dogs, are used to attribute effects of ingredients on cats, even though distinct physiological and metabolic differences exist. Additionally, the use of controlled trials versus in-home use tests allows for differing observations based on specific environmental conditions associated with each. To address these differences, Franklin and Ganz performed two studies evaluating cat responses to postbiotic inclusions in the two different settings.


Mark Franklin, Ph.D., is the global additives technical lead for pet and lifestyle species at Cargill Inc. He has 25 years of experience in animal nutrition, formulation and product design with Cargill, Mars Petcare, ADM, Lallemand and Wayne Feeds. He has authored peer-reviewed papers, technical bulletins, whitepapers and has presented to a wide range of scientific and industry conferences.