Lynn Verstrepen


Director of Product Marketing


BESTMIX Software

Presentation Description:

Enhancing pet food operational excellence and efficiency through innovative optimization approaches — Verstrepen explores advanced optimization techniques to elevate pet food recipe management and enhance operational efficiency in today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, while acknowledging the financial consequences this might have. She dives into real-life examples to illustrate the advantages available to producers through the implementation of modern optimization strategies, with specific cases where producers have used these techniques to streamline operations, reduce expenses, achieve significant improvements in their production processes, minimize waste and revolutionize recipe management.


As director of product management at Bestmix Software, Lynn Verstrepen focuses on building software solutions that address the nutrition industry’s current and future needs. She holds a bioengineering degree in environmental technology and has more than 11 years of experience with software for the nutrition industry, in addition to first-hand insights from hundreds of customers. With her team, Verstrepen explores industry trends and evolutions to offer adequate and innovative solutions, incorporate them into Bestmix products and apply them in practice. She has extensive speaking experience.