Louise Calderwood


Director of Regulatory Affairs


American Feed Industry Association

Presentation Description:

Current state of animal feed additive regulations for pet food — Calderwood shares information on the status of proposed federal legislation to define a new class of ingredients, termed zootechnical animal food substances (ZAFS). She also reviews associated policy changes to support claims for these animal food additives that act in the animal’s digestive tract, with a specific focus on application to pet foods.
Potential changes to FDA policy to support claims for will be presented.


Louise Calderwood is the American Feed Industry Association’s director of regulatory affairs, providing leadership on regulatory and state issues related to pet food and general regulatory issues. She works closely with committee leadership of the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Formerly Calderwood was the government relations director for the Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance and Vermont’s Deputy Secretary of Agriculture. Calderwood holds degrees in dairy science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and animal science from the University of Vermont. She is a frequent presenter at state association meetings and public forums related to the animal food industry.