Karen Wedekind, Ph.D.


Manager and comparative animal nutritionist


Novus International

Presentation Description:

Learnings from the livestock industry that could potentially benefit pets – Karen Wedekind, Ph.D., manager and comparative animal nutritionist with Novus International, highlights key differences between livestock and pet food formulations. All too frequently, the focus in pet food formulation is based more on palatability and consumer perception rather than is what is best for the pet. Some ingredients that are widely used in livestock (organic acids, enzymes, organic trace minerals, etc.) could have potential benefit in pets. Not only are livestock formulations less expensive, but nutritionally balanced diets are generally healthier.


Wedekind joined Novus in 2007 and is a manager/researcher for the comparative animal nutrition group. Prior to employment with Novus, Wedekind was a researcher/nutritionist with Hill’s Pet Nutrition for 16 years. Wedekind’s research focus has been in the areas of trace minerals, bioavailability, antioxidants, endocrine, arthritis and amino acids. Wedekind received her doctorate in animal nutrition from the University of Illinois. She was a previous speaker at Petfood Forum in 2010, 2011 and 2013 and has published and presented research at scientific meetings over the past 25 years.