Jean Francois Herve

Jean Francois Herve




Birdstone Consulting

Roundtable discussion:

Sustainable pet food and its many facets

Presentation description:

Recovering human-grade food to produce pet food ingredients — Jean Francois Herve, owner, Birdstone Consulting; and Dan Morash, founder and CEO, California Safe Soil, explain the process of recovering human-grade food to produce pet food ingredients. Food waste is a big environmental problem, and an opportunity to source 3 million tons per year of human grade fruits, vegetables and meats that can be recovered while still fresh to make nutritious, palatable, consistently high-quality pet food ingredients at competitive prices — a sustainable “upcycling” solution that makes economic and environmental good sense.


Herve is the founder and CEO at Birdstone, a company supporting the pet food industry growth, and the founder of Bernie’s, a luxury pet food brand. He also has experience in sales and business development of pet food ingredients at Symrise group for 20 years. Herve has a master’s degree in food engineering from AgroParisTech, France, and a master’s degree in agribusiness from ESSEC, France.