Henk Bosch


Sustainability Manager



Roundtable discussion:

Sustainability’s key role in all areas of pet food — Sustainability has long been talked about on the edges of the pet food industry; has its time finally arrived as a core business strategy, as consumers demand more from the products and brands they consider and are willing to pay for it?

Presentation description:

Sustainable pet food: Combining nutrition and efficiency — Bosch discusses how nutritional value and sustainability of pet food interrelate and how principles applied for farm animals can also be applied for pet food. Little is known about the environmental impact of owning a companion animal. For production animals, on the other hand, the environmental impacts are extensively studied. To find out what is essential for sustainable pet food, the discussion will include the concept of Life Cycle Assessment and its application to pets, the selection of a functional unit for pets and the social aspect of sustainability.


Bosch has been working for Royal DSM NV for 30 years in various positions related to energy and process efficiency, technology strategy and environmental management. In the last 10 years, he has been in life cycle assessment and sustainability management. He is presently engaged in the sustainability strategy of DSM Animal Nutrition and Health, including the pet food segment, as the sustainability manager. Bosch has a master’s degree and Ph.D. in chemical engineering.