Henk Bosch




Bosch Sustainability Consultant

Roundtable discussion:

Sustainable pet food and its many facets

Presentation description:

New method to assess marine biodiversity impact in relation to more commonly studied environmental impacts — Henk Bosch, owner, Bosch Sustainability Consultant, and Jeff Alix, global head of business development, companion animals, Veramaris VOF, present methods to assess fishery impact in sustainable pet food and weigh it against the impacts of producing land-based protein. Learn more about the assessment methods of producing pet food and study the impact of substitution of wild catch fish with algal oil.


Bosch is an experienced consultant and researcher in Life Cycle Assessment. He coauthored several papers on methodological and application studies in life cycle assessment (LCA), including a paper about the extension of the ecoscarcity method to include biotic impacts of fisheries. He presented at and organized symposia in various topics including LCA and chaired the Dutch LCA platform. His main focus has been tool development for and application of LCA in animal nutrition in the past 5 years.