David Allison




Valuegraphics Project

Presentation Description:

Opening keynote: What Valuegraphics can tell you about emerging trends and your pet food consumers — Allison helps brands and marketers track consumer behavior and trends using a unique metric. Rather than monitoring traditional factors like consumer demographics, he leads with Valuegraphics, a one-of-a-kind database compiled of the core values of hundreds of thousands of consumers from around the world. He will share the common core values of pet owners, based on an exclusive survey conducted uniquely for Petfood Forum to help brands and companies anticipate consumer behaviors and needs for the types of pet foods and treats they seek to buy.


David Allison is a human values expert, global researcher and best-selling author. He is focused on changing the way we understand ourselves, the people around us and those we hope to engage with our work. Allison is the founder of the Valuegraphics Project, the first global inventory of core human values. He has made values into a measurable business metric; a new kind of insight that helps organizations succeed in today’s values economy. Allison speaks internationally and helps big brands connect with people by honoring their values. INC Magazine named his last book one of the 10 best leadership books of the year; his new book, The Death of Demographics: Valuegraphic Marketing for a Values-Driven World, was published in November 2022.