Claire Obertin


Market Research Associate


Cleveland Research Company

Claire Obertin will provide learnings from tracking pet food consumer and retail trends on Tuesday, April 30, at 2-2:25 pm during “The pet food market and marketing innovations” concurrent sessions. Register here

What is the single, most important concept you hope attendees will learn from your presentation?

My goal with this presentation is for attendees to better understand how they fit into the current state of the pet retail industry backed by brand best practices, our consumer survey insights, and industry forecasts, and with that understanding can implement identified best practices into their companies and retailer relationships.

Please explain the significance of this concept to the pet food industry and your organization:

Our team works with hundreds of brands in the pet industry across retail channels (Pet Specialty, Mass, eCommerce, Dollar, Grocery, etc.), allowing us to glean best practices, key inflection points and insights in the pet food space in real time. Our partners use our relationships and subsequent data as a pulse check to ensure they are allocating resources correctly, engaging in effective promotional strategies, and forecasting in line with the industry.

Sharing information with experts in the pet food industry is what I do everyday – whether that be through presentations like this, published work, webinars, podcasts, etc. I look forward to engaging with this audience to expand upon the Cleveland Research Pet Insight Council’s reach as I share our insights and key takeaways for 2024.

What are potential next developments in this specific field?

Today, we see strength in the Mass Channel, specifically Walmart, as well as eCommerce (Amazon & Chewy) as pet consumers look to value-oriented retailers when making pet food purchases. This requires pet food brands to have an omnichannel strategy, engaging with pet parents both in store and online, articulating their value propositions and addressing key consumer concerns like food quality, health, nutrition and value. We see this trend continuing throughout 2024 and into 2025 as Mass and eCommerce retailers make meaningful investments into their pet food offerings.

Presentation Description:

Tracking pet consumer and retail trends — Obertin provides learnings from the company’s Pet Insights Council on the pet retail industry, including specialty retailers like Petco, PetSmart and To add greater context to what the council sees in the channel, they track trends across pet retail shoppers and veterinarians by surveying key groups and vet clinics. Obertin shares retail dynamics that are impacting the first half of 2024, highlights from Cleveland Research’s latest pet consumer behavior survey and expectations for the remainder of the year.


Claire Obertin is a market research associate at Cleveland Research Co., leading the Pet Insights Council, where she identifies and communicates key insights across the pet retail and animal health channels. Obertin previously worked on the home improvement team at Cleveland Research, leading efforts within the e-commerce channel. Prior to joining the company, she worked for J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Obertin holds a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and operations management and marketing from Miami University.