Brittany White Ph.D.


Director, Product Development, Innovation and Applied Research


Simmons Pet Food

Presentation Description:

Raw material shelf life impacts performance and palatability of pet food — White presents data pertaining to how raw material shelf life impacts the performance and palatability of pet food. Raw material shelf-life is known to influence the quality of finished pet food products. This session evaluates the microbial growth, flavor components and biogenic amines in chicken used in pet food processing.


Brittany White, Ph.D. is the director of product development in R&D at Simmons Pet Food. White earned her bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in food science from the University of Arkansas with research focused on fruit and vegetable bioactive compounds. Her passion for pet food product development began during her college internship with Simmons Pet Food. Prior to joining Simmons, White completed a post-doctorate with USDA-ARS with research pertaining to chemistry and post-harvest peanut quality. As director at Simmons Pet Food, White leads a team responsible for over 2,000 formulas across 100 different customers/brands.