Ben Gray


Chief Innovation Officer


Upcycled Food Association

Presentation Description:

Partnering with consumers to meet your sustainability goals via upcycling — Ben Gray, co-founder and chief innovation officer, Upcycled Food Association, and Alex Waite, co-founder and chief product and sustainability officer, Shameless Pets, introduce the upcycled food movement and the Upcycled Certification Program, and share how the certification provides consumers the opportunity to address climate change. In this session, attendees will learn about innovative products already on the shelves, how they might use upcycled ingredients in their product formulations and the benefits of certification toward meeting sustainability goals.


Gray is a co-founder and the chief innovation officer of the Upcycled Food Association. He is a registered dietitian, food and nutrition expert, and has served as affiliate faculty at the University of Georgia, Johnson & Wales University and Metropolitan State University Denver. He holds a degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University, a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the University of Arizona and a master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Georgia. He is excited to support the innovative brands of the upcycled food industry and extraordinary people behind them, and proud to help grow an organization that sees equitable participation and being evidence-based as central to the mission of reducing food waste.