Angelique Myburgh


Nutrition and Development Specialist


Montego Pet Nutrition

Petfood Essentials presentation description:

Exploring novel proteins and functional ingredients in pet treats – =Myburgh introduces the forefront of pet treats with the latest research on functional ingredients and their transformative benefits in crafting enhanced pet treats. Treats with such added benefits beyond basic nutrition are gaining popularity in the overall pet food market. She provides insights into the market drivers and trends behind these advancements and their impact on the pet food industry.


Angelique Myburgh, a registered professional in the field of animal science, earned master’s and bachelor’s degrees in agricultural animal science from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, alongside a certificate in canine and feline nutrition from the University of Southern Illinois. Her career is marked by pioneering research, particularly focused on plains zebra meat quality, leading to a 2023 publication and future work in the same domain. As the first in-house pet nutritionist at Montego Pet Nutrition, Africa’s leading pet food company, Myburgh combines her expertise in meat science, wet and dry pet food development and pet treats to deliver superior training to Montego’s sales team and customers.