Gregory Sunvold, PhD




Sunvold Technology

Improving joint function in pets through a novel source of eggshell membrane – Gregory Sunvold, PhD, principal of Sunvold Technology, explains how a novel composition of eggshell membrane (EM) appears to impact joint health by protecting cartilage, lessening inflammation and reducing pain. Evidence from a clinical study in dogs indicates pain was reduced within one week and quality of life assessments were improved over 25% within six weeks of administering EM.  Further, a biomarker of cartilage degradation, CTX-II, was shown to be reduced when dogs had consumed EM for six weeks. This is the first presentation of that research in dogs; currently unpublished research will be shared, too.

As principal of Sunvold Technology LLC, Sunvold provides leadership and guidance in life science innovation, especially for the pet food industry. He specializes in partnering with companies committed to breakthrough innovation in the life science area, working with their internal technology development efforts and developing strategies for protecting new intellectual property. Sunvold has authored about 200 scientific publications and presented many of these findings in several countries around the world.