Petfood Forum CONNECT keynote speaker: how to win consumers

Consumers today are facing new challenges as they navigate through the pandemic and connecting with them through new digital channels is critical, explains Petfood Forum CONNECT keynote speaker, Bonin Bough. There is a huge opportunity with mobile channels to create the dog and cat nutrition content consumers are craving.

Bonin Bough, investor, author and marketing expert on consumer product goods (CPG), shares tips for staying connected with consumers during a pandemic in a recent video interview with Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, editor-in-chief of Petfood Industry.

Bough discussed the importance of building a strong relationship with consumers to help drive purchases. Additionally, he discusses e-commerce, conveying the right messages and understanding the purchasing funnel.

** Note: Petfood Forum 2020 has now transitioned into Petfood Forum CONNECT, a virtual experience scheduled for September.

Create value by hacking your business

Bough is confirmed as the Petfood Forum CONNECT keynote speaker. He will present on his concept of “hackonomy,” or how to create greater value for your business by breaking things. “Most think that the word ‘hacker’ sounds negative, but not all hackers are bad,” Bough says. “Hackers and hack-thinking are the source of a monumental, positive shift in business, technology, startups and culture all over the world. Hackers can create immense value by breaking things, whether it’s breaking from tradition, process or simply ‘the way we’ve always done things.’”

Bough currently runs Bonin Ventures, a growth accelerator that assists businesses achieve faster revenue growth. Previously, as one of the youngest top executives at a Fortune 50 company, he oversaw billion-dollar consumer product goods (CPG) brands, including Mondelez’s Sour Patch Kids, which became the fastest-growing brand in the world. During his time as chief media officer at Mondelez (formerly Kraft Foods), Bough managed over US$3 billion in media spend, making him the seventh largest media buyer in the world.

Bonin has contributed to the rapid growth of other large CPG brands at PepsiCo including Oreo, Cadbury’s, Pepsi, Gatorade and Frito-Lay.

Petfood Forum CONNECT: New virtual event for the pet food and treat industry

Due to the ongoing health and safety concerns over the global pandemic, Petfood Forum 2020 is being transitioned into a virtual experience, Petfood Forum CONNECT. The new online conference and digital showroom directory is scheduled for September 9-10 and 15-17. Learn more.