10 pet food educational sessions from Petfood Forum CONNECT

Pet food professionals from over 50 countries joined for pet food educational sessions at Petfood Forum CONNECT. The 2020 program featured more than 15 globally recognized speakers who shared insights on a variety of topics including pet food ingredients and nutrition, marketing and trends, industry hot topics, and pet food safety and processing.

10 articles recapping the pet food educational sessions at Petfood Forum CONNECT:

  1. 5 hacks to break, rebuild pet food industry – One marketing expert presented five ways dog, cat and other pet food brands could break themselves and create their own future by hacking it.
  2. How pet food can grow from change and disruption – Selling pet food online, providing and conveying value to pet owners and learning new skills from adapting to change can all help pet food brands grow.
  3. Don’t panic, Do act: Pet food crisis strategy dualities – Ultimately, crisis management involves balancing emotional and intellectual responses to avoid panic or retreat.
  4. 2020 pet food sales nearing 2019 levels; dry still down – Market analysts observed that pet food retail sales in the United States have not returned to the level they had reached before the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. ‘3 circles’ scientific analysis of pet food brand strategy – Pet food companies reevaluate their marketing strategies to ensure that they are providing the products that pet food customers want.
  6. 4 aspects of dog, cat food protein sustainability – Dog, cat and other pet food formulators can evaluate any protein source using a four-part framework.
  7. Profile data forecasts pet food personalization – To meet consumer demands for personalized pet foods, brands can use data from profiles created by pet owners themselves on those brands’ websites and apps.
  8. Raw, freeze-dried, other pet foods gain consumer traction – Though shares are small, frozen, refrigerated and freeze-dried pet foods are growing faster than conventional ones and rebounding from spikes and drops.
  9. Purina, Blue Buffalo marketing analyzed via reviews – Purina and Blue Buffalo’s marketing strategies seem to have succeeded in communicating brand value to customers, but one scientist found differences in pet owner reviews of the brands.
  10. Refrigerated wet pet food sales higher than pre-pandemic – As of the four weeks ending August 8, refrigerated wet food had reached a higher sales growth rate than before the pandemic in pet specialty retailer outlets and in food, drug and mass market channels.

Looking for pet food production and safety education?

Petfood Forum CONNECT•ED launches November 3. The six-part short course offers learning on tow of the most essential areas of dry pet food: production and safety. Registration is now open. Learn more.