Asia saw the second largest pet food production growth in 2019

In 2019, global pet food production grew by 4% according to the 2020 Alltech Global Feed Survey. Africa experienced the largest growth in pet food production last year manufacturing 0.4 million metric tons of pet food. Overall, volume in Africa was still lower than most other parts of the world.

Asia-Pacific saw the second largest increase in pet food production in 2019. Pet food companies increased production by 10% to make 3.1 million metric tons of dog, cat and other pet foods.

Latin American pet food companies produced a larger volume of product than the Asia-Pacific region, at 6 million metric tons but only grew by 7%.

European pet food production increased 3% and North America saw no increase in production. Both regions produced the most pet food globally manufacturing 8.8 million metric tons each. Other regions that experienced no growth in production volume included Oceania and the Middle East.

On a smaller scale than regions, China, Indonesia, Portugal, Hungary, Ecuador and Argentina most increased pet food production volume compared to other nations.

The 2020 Alltech Global Feed Survey collected data from 145 countries and nearly 30,000 feed mills.

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