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For additional information on Petfood Forum Asia, please contact the following staff members:

Event Exhibit Sales & Sponsorships

Karen Blandford-Anderson
National Sales Director
Phone: +1.603.432.9290

Melissa Thrune
Sales Manager
Phone: +1.815.222.0112

Craig Greuel
Marketplace/Classified Sales Manager
Phone: +1.815.966.5591

Tineke van Spanje
International Sales Manager
Phone: +31.495.526.155

Dingding Li
Southeast Asia Sales
Phone: +86.137.640.39062


Steve Akins
Vice President, Publisher
Global Petfood/North American Agribusiness
Phone: +1.815.209.6444

Event Operations

Mia Short
Manager of Global Events
Phone: +1.815.966.5565

Event Content

Debbie Phillips-Donaldson
Phone: +1.815.966.5424