Wendy Shankin-Cohen


President and CEO


Dr. Harvey’s/Healthy Formulations

Presentation description:

Building your pet food brand and tribe: new insights into social media done well – Shankin-Cohen shares easy-to-implement marketing strategies for successful social media campaigns for brands, giving usable tools to companies needing to create or improve their presence on social media. Customer loyalty is everything today, so creating a tribe of followers by engaging with current customers is crucial. You will learn how to write effective status entries, use hashtags effectively and strike a balance between promotional and non-promotional content, as well as how to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to create a tribe of loyal brand supporters.


In 1998, after many years in private practice as a homeopathic and nutritional consultant, Shankin-Cohen joined her husband, Dr. Harvey Cohen – Dr. Harvey – to run a busy, growing pet food business. In 2004, she took the small, family-run business to the next level as the opportunity for growth became apparent. Joining forces with her a son, Ty Cohen, she repackaged all of Dr. Harvey’s products, re-launched Dr. Harvey’s website and embraced social media. The company now enjoys unprecedented sales growth and has distribution in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, Europe and Asia. Shankin-Cohen holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree from New York University. She is the co-author of Feeling Light and co-founder of the Feeling Light program, a holistic approach to health for humans, and wrote the forward to and collaborated on the Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements.