Tonje Dominguez

Tonje Dominguez

Tonje Dominguez


Director, QRILL specialty animal nutrition products


Aker BioMarine

Presentation description:

New technique to assess omega-3 status in cell membranes of pets — Tonje Dominguez, director of QRILL specialty animal nutrition products for Aker BioMarine, and Hanna Lindqvist, a project leader for the Department of Animal Environment and Health at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, present a new and innovative technique for measuring the omega-3 index (O3I) in pets and how it can be used to map the efficiency of various omega-3 forms used in pet food. The O3I is considered the gold standard for determining the omega-3 levels in people and animals. This newer, simpler technique has been available for humans for a while. Now a new study has made the technique available for pets, and a second study shows how it is used to measure differences in omega-3 status using different sources in pet food.


Dominguez works as director of QRILL specialty animal nutrition products at Aker BioMarine. She holds a master’s degree in animal science and has more than 13 years of experience in various roles in the pet nutrition business, as well as six years as R&D manager in the human nutrition business. She has speaking experience at many national and international conferences.