Paola Cane, Ph.D.


Senior advisor and CEO


Mia Solution

Presentation description:

Did EU regulation on pet food labeling achieve its goals? – Ten years ago, European Union (EU) Regulation 767/2009 set out pet food labeling rules. At the time, manufacturers needed to differentiate or capitalize on scientific advantages and consumers needed transparent information. The regulation tried to achieve clarity and transparency, simplify technical requirements and remove unnecessary administrative burden, increase competitiveness, encourage innovation and quality-relevant marketing, enable informed purchase choices. Overall, it affected 123 manufacturers, 5,000 brands and 80 million pet owners in Europe. What has been the impact of this regulation: Has the pet food industry changed labeling practices? Has the intention to inspire innovation, promote transparency and competitiveness been achieved?


Cane is a regulatory and marketing senior advisor and author, having gained experience in the food, pharmaceutical and pet food sectors by ensuring companies comply with market regulatory requirements and internal policies. She has worked internationally for numerous brands, taking care of positioning strategies and compliance with EU regulations, and collaborating constantly as an author for numerous specialized magazines. Cane’s regulatory experience also includes extensive work in preventing, detecting and responding to varied hazards and providing best practice guidance for recall response plans and crisis management in the food and feed areas. She has considerable experience in remediating regulatory issues and working with EU community and national laws.