Lorena Sanchez, Ph.D.

Lorena Sanchez

Lorena Sanchez, Ph.D.


R&D Manager



Presentation description:

Mealworm protein hydrolysates as a novel ingredient for pet food — Lorena Sanchez, Ph.D., R&D manager for Ynsect, discusses mealworm protein hydrolysates as a novel ingredient for pet food. The product is nutritionally interesting since it has a high amino acid score and has improved digestibility. From a health point of view, the increased peptide fraction may lead to formation of bioactive peptides and reduced potential food adverse reactions in pets.


Sanchez is a biologist by training, pursing studies at the Institute of Biotechnology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, to obtain a master’s degree and a Ph.D. degree in protein biochemistry. Her expertise is in the usage of enzymes to tackle environmental and medical subjects. Her career started at Ynsect, which specializes in the rearing and transformation of insects (mealworms), as a scientist in the R&D department in charge of developing insect-derived products for animal nutrition (aquaculture and petfood). In 2019, she became product innovation manager in charge of the R&D product development and valorization team in three sectors of activity: animal, human and plant nutrition and health. She is responsible for launching the zootechnical trials with Ynsect’s research partners.