Evelien Bos

Evelien Bos

Evelien Bos


Ph.D. Candidate


Wageningen University & Research

Presentation description:

Advancing in-home test protocols to assess digestibility of dog and cat foods — Evelien Bos, a Ph.D. candidate at Wageningen University & Research, gives insight in the protocol requirements of in-home digestibility testing with privately owned dogs and cats. Data obtained are directly applicable and in-home testing caters to societal concerns about animal test facilities.


Bos obtained her master’s degree in animal sciences at Wageningen University, specializing in animal nutrition with particular interest in personalized nutrition for dogs and cats. After graduation she worked as a nutritionist at Prins Petfoods B.V., and in 2019 she started her Ph.D. entitled “In-home testing for quality of petfood” at the Animal Nutrition Group, Wageningen University & Research.