Eric Altom, Ph.D.


Technical nutritionist


Balchem Corp.

Presentation description:

Protected ingredients for better process control in companion animal nutrition – Leveraging microencapsulation technologies in pet food production can help increase product stability, enable novel processes and improve processing efficiency. Enhanced nutrient stability through the prevention of premature reactions and degradation with other nutrients and formula components in pet food products helps control dosing and repeatability. In addition, microencapsulation’s benefits can impact total delivered costs for the manufacturer – for example, minimizing losses and helping reduce the formulation overages often required – and make fortified pet food foods more economical for the end consumer. The proper use of microencapsulated ingredients can potentially deliver new pathways to pet food product development.


Altom has worked for several international pet and animal nutrition companies in his career. He earned a bachelor of science in animal science from Tennessee Technological University, a master of science in nutrition from the Clemson University and a Ph.D. in animal nutrition from Auburn University. As a principle nutritionist and industry consultant with over 20 years of experience in companion animal nutrition, including complex formulation design, application of new nutrients in product development and novel ingredient qualifications, Altom is in demand as a technical resource for the global companion animal industry. His research interests have focused on optimal requirements and nutrient delivery for physiologically stressed animals, as well as tailored life-stage nutrition. Altom has authored numerous articles for both scientific and trade publications, and served as an invited speaker for domestic and international conferences.