Jennifer Adolphe, PhD

Jennifer Adolphe, PhD


Senior nutritionist



Protein in pet food: high, low – which way should you go? – Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, senior nutritionist for Petcurean, presents the advantages and disadvantage of high-protein diets for healthy pets based on the latest research. Protein is currently one of the hottest nutrients in the pet food industry, fueled by the idea that our pets’ wild ancestors consumed a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrate. However, new evidence suggests that a high-protein diet may not be suitable for all pets. Adolphe discusses the health conditions for which a high- or low-protein diet may be recommended or contraindicated and the opportunities and challenges with using more environmentally friendly protein ingredients.

Adolphe graduated with her PhD in companion animal nutrition from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. She has a master of science degree in human nutrition and is a registered dietitian. Adolphe is the recipient of over 20 awards and scholarships for her academic work and has numerous peer-reviewed publications, along with extensive speaking experience. She has received her Competent Communicator certificate from Toastmasters International.