Davd Rosenblatt, DVM


Head of Learning and Academic Services


Sher Consulting and Training

Presentation description:

Comprehensive risk evaluation of environmental pet food pathogens  Rosenblatt presents a proven tactical method for coping with environmental pathogens, especially the invisible, extremely hazardous Salmonella spp., which poses a constant threat to the health of pets and pet parents and to the reputation of pet food manufacturers and brand owners through post lethal recontamination. The CREEP (comprehensive risk evaluation of environmental pathogens) approach offers a highly methodological framework for identifying access points, zoning, managing traffic between zones and developing a preemptive environmental sampling plan.


David Rosenblatt received his DVM from Hebrew University, then worked at Unilever Israel as company veterinarian, R&D manager for pet food and SHEQA (safety, health, environment & QA) manager. He joined the Standards Institution of Israel as head of the Food Sector and senior educator, then joined Sher Consulting and Training as director of learning. He also teaches companion animal nutrition and food safety at the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine and has lectured at numerous conferences and workshops on food and pet food safety and quality management. Rosenblatt contributed to the textbook “Petfood Technology” as writer and chapter editor, and his articles have been published in Petfood Industry magazine. He is a member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutritionists, the International Association for Food Protection and the Association of Talent Development. Rosenblatt is an FDA-recognized preventive controls qualified individual and, in November 2019, received FDA certification as lead instructor for FSMA.