Vinicio Serment-Moreno

Vinicio Serment-Moreno, Ph.D.


HPP Applications & Food Processing Specialist



Presentation Description:

Challenges, research advances of high-pressure processing for fresh pet food – Vinicio Serment-Moreno, Ph.D., HPP applications and food processing specialist, Hiperbaric, and Nicole Lindsley, CEO and owner, Steve’s Real Food, educate pet food manufacturers, suppliers and pet parents on the recent innovations of using high pressure proccesing (HPP) technology for fresh pet food. Receive an introduction to HPP technology and the HPP pet food market, including challenges and trends; identify risks associated with raw pet food consumption; and explore the safety and nutritional advantages HPP provides for the pet food industry through the recent research study conducted by Steve’s Real Food.


Serment-Moreno is part of the Hiperbaric Food Applications and Processing (HPP) team, where he provides technical advice to clients and potential buyers of HPP industrial equipment in the American continent. He has been involved with the HPP industry or related research since 2009. He obtained his master’s degree and doctorate degree in science with a specialty in biotechnology at Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC), and joined Hiperbaric in 2017. He is actively involved in research and technology dissemination efforts related to HPP food processing.