Trevor Faber, Ph.D.


Director of companion Animal Nutrition and Technical Service


Trouw Nutrition

Presentation Description:

Innovation and alternative pet food proteins — Trevor Faber, Ph.D., director of companion animal nutrition and technical service, Trouw Nutrition, explains how the pet food industry is innovating through alternative proteins. In recent years, the sustainability and food ethics of using high-quality animal proteins in pet food diets has come under scrutiny as to what is best for the future of the planet and the increasing concerns of feeding the growing human population over the next 25 years. This has opened consumers’ eyes to evaluating new, novel protein sources that may be more sustainable, but just as nutritious for the pet. This session helps attendees understand the global impacts of utilizing alternative proteins and driving sustainability in the industry.


Trevor Faber, Ph.D., supervises the nutrition and formulation teams for Trouw Nutrition’s Companion Animal Division, oversees premix formulation and provides technical assistance to Trouw’s pet food customers to ensure the nutritional adequacy and function of their premixes and base blends. In support of product development and staying ahead of industry trends, he leads the Trouw Nutrition Companion Animal Innovation Team, comprised of industry and academic experts. As the U.S. representative to Trouw Nutrition’s Global Cross-Species Council, Faber contributes to the development of the company’s strategic planning for new products and innovations around the world. Before joining Trouw, he served as a product development scientist and for the global R&D team at a major pet food manufacturer. There, he assisted with diet formulation, international product development and developing research projects to further advance the companion animal industry and broaden the company’s knowledge base. Faber earned his master of science and Ph.D. in companion animal nutrition from the University of Illinois, studying under George Fahey, Ph.D. His research focused on the effects of prebiotics on digestive and immune health.