Susanne Wiegel, Ph.D.


Investment Manager, Alternative Proteins


Nutreco NuFrontiers

Presentation Description:

Innovation and alternative pet food proteins — Susanne Wiegel, Ph.D., investment manager for alternative proteins for food, Nutreco NuFrontiers, explains how the pet food industry is innovating through alternative proteins. In recent years, the sustainability and food ethics of using high-quality animal proteins in pet food diets has come under scrutiny as to what is best for the future of the planet and the increasing concerns of feeding the growing human population over the next 25 years. This has opened consumers’ eyes to evaluating new, novel protein sources that may be more sustainable, but just as nutritious for the pet. This session helps attendees understand the global impacts of utilizing alternative proteins and driving sustainability in the industry.


Wiegel is the investment manager for alternative proteins for food at NuFrontiers, Nutreco’s corporate innovation and investment arm, Netherlands. Wiegel is building a portfolio of leading start- and scale-ups in cell-based meat and seafood, as well as fermentation-based protein. Through directing the R&D collaborations with the portfolio companies, she develops innovative business opportunities in protein ingredients for food and pet food. Wiegel received a Ph.D. in protein biochemistry from University of Braunschweig, Germany.