Susan Jojola, Ph.D.


Manager of applied behavior research


AFB International

Panel discussion:

Cats are unique creatures: New nutrition research — Though a smaller part of the overall pet food market, cat food represents a growth segment globally, as more pet-loving consumers turn to cats as companions. Product development is starting to catch up, emphasizing that cats are not small dogs; they have their own unique nutritional and health needs. What does the latest research show? Topics and experts include:

  • Long-term effects of diet format on body weight, body composition and insulin sensitivity in the cat — Emma Bermingham, Ph.D., AgResearch
  • Holistic approach to measuring palatability in wet cat diets — Susan Jojola, Ph.D., and Punyatoya Mohapatra, Ph.D., AFB International
  • Presentation title coming soon — Punyatoya Mohapatra, Ph.D.
  • Potential benefits of supplementing dietary choline to cats — Alexandra Rankovic, University of Guelph.


Susan Jojola, Ph.D., joined AFB in 2013 and has focused on developing and applying innovative behavioral methods to gain insight to behaviors related to feeding and flavor preferences of companion animals. Jojola has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, which aids in method development based on cognition and learning in cats and dogs. She also holds a master’s degree in wildlife science and a doctorate in ecology. Working with diverse species all over the world related to animal behavior, chemical communication, and taste preference has contributed to her applied research with AFB. She has presented her work at national and international venues for both technical and non-technical audiences, including customer presentations and demonstrations, and has multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals.