Susan Jojola, Ph.D.


Manager of applied behavior research


AFB International

Presentation Description:

Measuring cat food enjoyment: beyond intake ratio – Susan Jojola, Ph.D., manager of applied behavior research at AFB International, covers palatability assessment methods that quantify behaviors cat owners are likely to use to judge cat enjoyment of foods and treats. Using behavioral measures to augment traditional consumption data should increase alignment of palatability assessments and success rates in-home. A favorable result is also faster speed to market. Three innovative behavioral tools that quantify cat feeding enjoyment will be presented.


Jojola is the manager of applied behavior research at AFB International. Since joining AFB in 2013, Jojola has focused on developing and applying behavioral methods to gain insight into the feeding habits and flavor preferences of companion animals. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in wildlife science and a doctorate in ecology. She has worked all over the world on diverse species, studying questions related to animal behavior, chemical communication and taste preference. One aspect of research Jojola says she especially enjoys is when results yield unexpected insights. She has presented her work at national and international venues for both technical and non-technical audiences, including customer presentations and demonstrations, and has multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals.