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Steve Lerch




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Petfood Essentials presentation description:

How to spur innovation and generate new product ideas in your company – Steve Lerch, consultant and former Google executive, explains how, in this “new normal,” where no one knows what’s next, our teams must develop cultures that allow for flexibility, ideation and innovation. As the world becomes more technologically dependent, consumer behavior changes more rapidly and unpredictably than ever — a trend emphasized by a pandemic no one saw coming. Based on a decade at Google, Lerch shares stories of how simple cultural principles are more significant innovation drivers than armies of engineers. Learn simple principles and practical strategies that anyone can utilize: the same principles that allowed Google to save lives, connect humanity and even catch Pokémon.


Lerch is a former Google executive, a consultant and an award-winning international public speaker. He spent nearly a decade at Google designing the digital strategies and marketing campaigns for well-known brands like GoPro, federal government agencies like the U.S. Census and respected non-profits like the YMCA. Lerch also served as a strategic thought leader and innovation evangelist at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. He taught thousands of Googlers about the culture, processes and philosophy that helped make Google one of the world’s most innovative companies. Lerch now serves as the president and founder of Story Arc Consulting, where he speaks at events across the world, offers workshops on strategic planning, innovation and leadership, and serves as a strategy and marketing consultant for organizations of all sizes.