Samuel Kiprotich


Ph.D. Student


Kansas State University

Petfood Essentials presentation description:

Safety and testing for alternative pet foods – Samuel Kiprotich, Ph.D. student at Kansas State University, shares research on using new food additives to keep alternative pet foods safe and pathogen-free. He also gives an overview of other safety methods, including high pressure processing, irradiation and microwaves.


Samuel Kiprotich is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Grain Science & Industry at Kansas State University. His research focuses on the use of nonthermal technologies and food additives to control foodborne pathogens in semi-moist and raw meat-based diets for companion animals. He earned a bachelor’s degree in food science and technology from Makerere University in Uganda and a master’s degree in food science and technology with a focus in food safety and microbiology from Iowa State University. He has presented at annual meetings for the American Feed Industry Association, International Association for Food Protection, Arkansas Association for Food Protection and Petfood Forum.