Nicole Lindsley

Nicole Lindsley


CEO & Owner


Steve’s Real Food

Presentation Description:

Challenges, research advances of high-pressure processing for fresh pet food – Nicole Lindsley, CEO and owner, Steve’s Real Food, and Vinicio Serment-Moreno, Ph.D., HPP applications and food processing specialist, Hiperbaric, educate pet food manufacturers, suppliers and pet parents on the recent innovations of using high pressure proccesing (HPP) technology for fresh pet food. Receive an introduction to HPP technology and the HPP pet food market, including challenges and trends; identify risks associated with raw pet food consumption; and explore the safety and nutritional advantages HPP provides for the pet food industry through the recent research study conducted by Steve’s Real Food.


Lindsley is the CEO and owner of Steve’s Real Food, and has spent the past six years immersed in the pet industry. Her philosophy is that responsible social change comes with an open mind and out-of-the-box thinking. Her company reflects this, and she has gathered a strong team of individuals driven to exceed customer expectations and dedicated to sustainability. Lindsley lives in Salt Lake City where she has three little humans, two dogs, two cats, four chickens and two fostered office kittens.

Steve’s Real Food is a privately owned premium raw pet food manufacturer that is raising the bar in the fresh pet food segment. Steve’s operates on a nationwide scale with a local business mentality. With over 20 years of raw food experience, Steve knows what needs to be done to make quality food and how to support their distribution and retail partners to increase success at every level.