Nicolas Coneggo




Videka-Diana Pet Food

Presentation Description:

Innovation in pet food stabilization: selecting the right natural antioxidants for rendering meals and stabilizing pet foods from the beginning – Nicolas Coneggo, a scientist with Videka-Diana Pet Food, demonstrates the application of natural antioxidants at different steps of the rendering and pet food processing, in various product matrices from the raw materials to the final coating fats. Recommendations will be given on how to choose the right natural antioxidants for rendering meals and stabilize your pet food products from the very beginning to achieve the utmost freshness. Methods and model systems for evaluating natural antioxidants performance in poultry meals will be presented.


Coneggo holds a master’s degree in food science from Polytech’ Montpellier (France). Before joining Videka-Diana Pet Food, he worked in the food and beverage industry, focusing on the use of natural ingredients and how to increase their shelf life in finished products. He spent the last seven years at Videka-Diana Pet Food, working on natural antioxidants formulation, product development and technical support for the pet food industry. Coneggo worked extensively on the rendering and dry pet food processes, as well as emerging production technologies, assessing the antioxidants performance through shelf life studies and new analytical tools.