Michelle Sandau

Michelle Sandau, Ph.D.


Director, research and development



Presentation Description:

Specialty pet food formulations: Bridging the gap between emotions and science — Michelle Sandau, Ph.D., director, research and development, AFB International, discusses consumers of specialty pet food formulations, who may have additional emotions such as fear, sadness and confusion when purchasing food for their four-legged family member due to their pet’s health condition. The pet food industry has the responsibility to formulate, research, develop and deploy objectively based the scientific requirements of the specialty formulation.


Sandau studied cellular and molecular biology with a focus on the immune system for over for 15 years before moving into the pet food industry with AFB International. The first few years at AFB international she spent time understanding the taste detection mechanisms of cats and dogs. Following that, she then focused heavily on the late-stage processes of products such as probiotics and preservative systems. Her most current focus is leading global innovation platforms to create new technologies.