Mark Golde

Mark Golde




Strategies for Growth

Petfood Essentials presentation description:

Tinker and test: Testing, modeling, focus groups – Mark Golde, principal, Strategies for Growth, and Jenny Mays, customer insights consultant, explore the options and best practices for trying your new product on the market getting feedback from your target consumers before launch. You’ll leave this session with the steps you can take to gather more accurate customer insights.


Golde has 25 years of customer insights experience, much of it as a senior vice president at Ipsos Agriculture and Animal Health, a leading global animal health marketing research firm. In 2015, he founded Strategies for Growth, a custom marketing research firm focused on qualitative insights and strategic consulting. Golde is a RIVA-trained moderator, with strong communication skills and extensive experience designing and directing qualitative and quantitative custom marketing research studies. His work has focused on new market exploration, product development and product concept testing, brand positioning, message development and packaging. Golde has worked with most of the major animal health pharmaceuticals and pet nutrition companies across a breadth of product categories including parasiticides, vaccines, NSAIDs, peri-operative pain, pet food/treats, nutritional supplements and pet food ingredients. He is an active member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association and has served on Southern Illinois University master’s in marketing research program’s advisory board.