Maria Lange


Vice President of Strategic Verticals Pet & Cannabis



Presentation description:

General session: Emerging trends in a changing pet food industry landscapeMaria Lange, vice president of strategic verticals pet and cannabis, Nielsen, offers an update and overview on the state of the pet industry and emerging trends in a changing pet food industry landscape. This session will look back at recent years and highlight what impact these trends and factors had on the industry overall, the effects of the pandemic on the market, plus what other trends are worth watching in 2020 and beyond. Are raw alternative feeding options the fastest growing categories for pet foods? What do we know about insect protein being used in pet food? And what is the CBD craze all about?


Lange is vice president of pet and cannabis verticals at Nielsen. Lange has worked in the pet industry for nearly a decade, previously leading the pet specialty point-of-sale tracking business at GfK prior to its acquisition by Nielsen in late 2018. Additionally, Lange has been named to co-lead Nielsen’s cannabis vertical. Lange’s team of industry experts specialize in understanding consumer patterns and behaviors and unlocking insights from large data sets on emerging trends, performance and industry challenges. These insights are used by clients to inform product and marketing strategies across both the pet and cannabis verticals. Lange holds a degree in international culture and business studies from Universität Passau in Germany.