Lena Burri, Ph.D.


Director R&D, Animal Nutrition and Health


Aker BioMarine

Presentation Description:

New ingredient research roundup: Omega-3 phospholipids versus triglycerides in Alaskan Huskies — Lena Burri, Ph.D., director R&D, animal nutrition and health, Aker BioMarine, explains how not all omega-3s are equally effective. Ingredients available for pet food may contain various forms of omega-3, but molecule composition is of great importance for biological effect. This session, based on Burri’s recent research on EPA/DHA bound to phospholipds, helps identify which type of sources/ingredients provide which delivery-molecule of omega-3.


Burri is committed to pet nutrition and how to improve animal health with a strong focus on omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and astaxanthin. In her current position at the Norwegian krill company Aker BioMarine, she is involved in several research projects and has obtained extensive knowledge on nutrients from krill that she has published in 14 krill-focused articles. She has been involved in fundamental research and is credited together with co-authors with several original protein discoveries. She has been awarded 5 competitive research grant awards and has published 40 peer-reviewed articles. Burri has a master’s degree from the University of Basel and a Ph.D. from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, both in Switzerland. Post-doctoral positions included stays at Melbourne University, Australia; University of British Columbia, Canada and University of Bergen, Norway.