Laura Moran


Vice President of Product Development and Innovation, Food and Treats



Petfood Essentials presentation description:

Product positioning and deliveryLaura Moran, vice president of product development and innovation, food and treats, BARK, explains the key elements and factors associated with marketing claims and labeling, as well as food format and container/packaging. All the decisions you need to make before choosing ingredients.


Laura Paluch Moran is vice president, product development & innovation, at Bark. She leads new products and services development and quality and food safety across Bark’s businesses, including Bark Eats, a direct-to-customer tailored dog food delivery service. Moran has 25+ years of experience in the pet food category developing many new products and technologies, including Temptations cat food treats. Previously, she was global dry pet food R&D director at Mars Petcare, where she oversaw product development and innovation for several global brands and contributed to building a global innovation center in the U.S. Moran received her bachelor of science in food science from University of Illinois, master of science in food science from University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Claremont Graduate University.